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Philips Philips HR7627/01 Daily Collection Food Processor
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Price: £ 46.97
The versatile Philips HR7627/01 Daily Collection Food Processor lets you create a range of dishes with minimal effort. Easy food preparation Whether you want to chop, grate or blend your ingredients the Philips HR7627/01 is on hand with its 650-watt motor, two speed settings and range of accessories. The versatile Philips HR7627/01 boasts an impressive 15 functions including mashing, mincing, slicing and shredding. This food processor is also ideal for helping with homemade cakes and breads with its emulsifying tool for cream and egg whites, and tools for kneading, beating, crumbling and folding in. PowerChop technology The Philips HR7627/01 Food Processor hosts PowerChop technology - a combination of optimised blade shape and cutting angle. This technology provides superior results for both soft and hard ingredients and is also perfect for making purées or mixing cake batters. Practica
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